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“CanDoChem is the best provider of science classes for home educators out there (and I've sampled quite a few). New concepts are introduced gradually and with plenty of reinforcement and encouragement. Class hand-outs have just the right amount of information and are great for revision. A lot of work has clearly gone into delivering a logically planned course, and it really shows!”


“Learning with Kate is an absolute pleasure and the right solution for my daughter. Her video lessons are calm, easy to understand, interesting, very well structured and the notes/handouts and homework very clear and easy to follow.”


Course curriculum

    1. List of Chemistry Enrichment Resources

    1. Naming and formulae

    2. Naming and Formulae Quiz

    3. Equations

    4. Interactive Balancing Equations

    5. 1a States of Matter and Diffusion

    6. States of Matter and Diffusion Quiz

    7. 1a Solubility

    8. Experiment: Solubility Investigation - optional extra

    9. Solubility Quiz

    10. 1b Elements, Compounds and Mixtures

    11. 1b Core Practical 2 - Chromatography

    12. Experiment: Chromatography Investigation - Optional extra

    13. Separating Quiz

    14. Fundamentals and Matter Revision

    15. Fundamentals and Matter Test

    1. 1c Atomic Structure

    2. Build an atom simulation

    3. 1d The Periodic Table

    4. 1f Ions

    5. 1f Ionic Bonding

    6. 1g Simple Covalent

    7. 1g Properties of Simple Covalent Molecules

    8. 1g Giant Covalent

    9. 1h Metallic

    10. Structure and Bonding Revision

    11. Structure and Bonding Test

    1. 4ab Introduction and Crude Oil

    2. 4b Products of Fractional Distillation

    3. 4c Alkanes

    4. 4d Alkenes

    5. 4h Addition Polymers

    6. Organic I Revision

    7. Organic I Test

    1. 2a Group 1

    2. 2b Group 7 - part I

    3. 2b Group 7 - part II

    4. 2c Gases in the atmosphere - part I

    5. 2c Gases in the atmosphere - part II

    6. 2f Acid reactions

    7. 2g Salt Preparations I

    8. 2g Salt Preparations II

    9. Inorganic I Revision

    10. Inorganic I Test

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